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Google Website Verification


Google’s Webmaster Tools provide a lot of benefits to your website. Once you log in you can add your websites to your webmaster tools account and track a number of statistics such as including sitemap data, crawling statistics, rankings and keyword analysis.

When you add a new website to your account, you will be required to verify it. Verifying your website will let Google know that you are the owner of that particular site.

There are 4 ways to verify your site. You can upload an HTML file to your server. If you choose this option, Google will provide you with a small file that you will have to upload to your web server and give the URL to this file where it is accessible. google will only look at the file name and location so the content of the file does not matter.
Your second option is to Add a meta tag to your site’s home page. Choose this option if you are happy with editing your site’s source code. This is perhaps the most convenient option.

You can also verify your site if you Link to your Google Analytics Account. For this, obviously, you will need a Google Analytics account. Your site must have the Google Analytics Tracking Code installed already in order to use this option. You also must be the administrator of the Analytics account.

The fourth option is to Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration. You can only choose this option if you are allowed to edit the settings of your domain name.


After your site has been verified Google will regularly check if the verification is still present on your site. If Google will not find the appropriate verification then your site will not longer be verified and your statistics will no longer be updated.




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