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Php joomla zend institutein mumbai

HTML5 CSS3 online training course

PHPLive provide html5 css3 online course which is best html5 learning for beginners. We conduct best online html5 training through skype in our learning program. In this class we will be covering some of the newest features of innovative animated web content using the newest standards-based approaches commonly referred to as HTML5. You learn html5 programming from scratch. You can learn html5 css3 being at you home with phplive.in.

In this class we focus on three main aspect of technologies.

    • CSS3 technologies and HTML5 Canvas.
    • You learn html5 step by step.
    • mobile web development discussing the use of CSS3 Media Queries and frameworks like jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap that take advantage of HTML5 technologies on mobile browsers.


HTML 5.0 - CSS3 course syllabuss in phplive

Session Course Contents Details

Session 1

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript Syntax, Variables, Conditional Loops, Variables, Operators...


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Session 2

JavaScript Form validations

JavaScript events handling , RegExp,
Form Validations using RegExp


Javascript Form Validation

Session 3 jquery introduction JQuery introduction, JQuery UI introduction
Session 4   Selectors, syntax, Selection
Session 5   Events, Effects
Session 6   Callback, hTML Manupulation
Session 7   jquery Ajax,
Session 8   UI integration with hTML
Session 9 Basics HTML5 and CSS3 Understanding the term “HTML5”

HTML5 and Related Technologies...

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Session 10 HTML5 Canvas Introduction to easel.js, Basic generative graphics Sprite Sheet Animations...

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Session 11 Web Storage Web storage vs. Cookies, Storage types
Methods and properties, Events
Session 12 Offline web pages The manifest file, AppCache, Connectivity
Session 13 Video and Audio Add video to web page, Control video with java script
Session 14 Geolocation Introduction, Geolocation API
Session 15 Adobe Edge Animating properties of web graphics, Adding behaviors and events...

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Session 16 Mobile Web and HTML5 Mobile user design considerations, CSS3 Media Queries, PhoneGap, Audio and Video...

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Session 17 Application publishing Checklist before going into production, Publishing application using software...

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Total Training (in hrs) : 48 hours

Total Training Duration: 2 Months

 Course Fee : Rs. 10,000 (Fourteen Thousand Only)

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