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Best online resources to learn php

There are many methodologies to web development and design training - some paid, some free; some cooperative, some based on text, others on video.

To make things easier for you, we've collected the best 20 web design training resources on the web.

Online Web Development Tutorials (Lessons):

If you're looking to start from the beginning with the most basic lessons in Angularjs, HTML and CSS Php, XML, asp.net ect. These are some very helpful website.

  • www.w3schools .com
  • www.netmagazine.com
  • www.stackoverflow.com


Online Web development books Free Download :

There are about 10 web design and development books freely available on internet, they cover CSS, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, Actioscript, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery and Firefox. Not all books are complete, but offer plenty of information to help with your development.

However there are thousands of online web design books, web development manuals and SEO Books in pdf format but we shortout some important and valuable PHP, Javascript, CSS books, Jquery Manuals, MySql Notes in pdf format you can download from internet.

There are several  supply of information out for web designers. If there’s something we need to learn, we can find it in one form or another. Sometimes it may be on a blog or it could be in a book. While you may have to shell our some money for a good web design book, there are a number of them out that have online versions that are totally free.


Here are 10 Important Books for Web Designers / Developers  you should find very useful.

Subject Books / E_books Download Link
Angularjs Books/Pdf
  • Angularjs Books/Pdf 
Click here to Download
PHP + MySql books and manual
  • Programming PHP 
Click here to Download

WordPress books and manual

  • WordPress For Dummies 
Click here to Download

Joomla books and manual

  • Professional Joomla! 
Click here to Download

Javascript books and manual

  • JavaScript: the Definitive Guide
Click here to Download
HTML and CSS books and manual

Click here to Download

Click here to Download

Jquery books and manual 
  • jqfundamentals
Click here to Download
HTML 5 books and manual  
  • E_books
Click here to Download


Online php Video Tutorials :

Some sites offering very usefull  web design training video clip for HTML and CSS, web development (including HTML5 and Javascript), all wrapped up in a clear and easy-to-navigate user interface.


Videos provided by lynda



Videos provided by Adam Khoury


Apycom jQuery Menus
LiveZilla Live Help