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Pay per click - PPC


As the name Pay Per Click advertising suggests, payment for the advertising is based on the number of clicks. If you want to make targeted promotion your strength then PHPLive in Mumbai are your best choice. A Pay per Click is the best promoter of targeted advertising which can drive expressive traffic to your site. It is a fastest way to index quick sales if effected well and can make your website visible on the leading search engines in no time. You give the submission price with every click, so you pay per click on your link. As you pay for the results, it is an affordable and active way to attract traffic on your site.

Pay per Click can be more or less considered as guaranteed top listing (especially with Yahoo!, for Google, they are on top right and bottom position.


Pay Per Click Ads may also appear on content network websites. In this case, ad networks such as Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network attempt to provide ads that are appropriate to the content of the page where they displayed and no search function is tangled.

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